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Smart S3 Leisure Bay Spa Manual

smart s3 leisure bay spa manual

Summary of Contents for Leisure bay spas Smart S-3 Series Page 1: Important Safety Smart S-3 & Genius G-2.5 & G-3 Series Spa Owner’s Manual “Trend Setting Innovations Since 1973” This Manual Contains IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS “SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS”...

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An important WARNING sign is packed with your Leisure Bay Spa. This sign must be posted in a prominent place in close proximity to the spa installation site immediately upon completion of spa installation. THIS WARNING SIGN MUST BE POSTED BEFORE THE SPA IS USED!! WARNING DURING PREGNANCY, SOAKING IN HOT WATER MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE FETUS.

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An important WARNING sign is packed with your Leisure Bay Spa. This sign must be posted in a prominent place in close proximity to the spa installation site immediately upon completion of spa installation. THIS WARNING SIGN MUST BE POSTED BEFORE THE SPA IS USED!! WARNING DURING PREGNANCY, SOAKING IN HOT WATER MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE FETUS.

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Manuals; Spa Manuals; Spa Manuals . Hot Tub Manuals: Spa Manufacturer Instructions. Looking for your spa manual? Relax, and stop stressing. We’ve got it right here for you! We don’t want you to worry about maintaining your spa. Just click on the button that matches the model of your spa to display its manual.

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Marquis Spas: MS Leisure Series 120V 1 pump 1996 Marquis Spas: MS MTS 1 Pump 240V w-constant clean 1996 Marquis Spas: MS MTS Series 2 Pump 240V Constant Clean 11-1996

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Leisure Bay hot tub is also beautified with several types of equipment like LED lighting system and illuminated waterfall. The durable Black Diamond TriMatrix construction and DuraLife plastic casing of the tub makes the durable to any severe weather conditions. The spas are equipped with a dozen of jets. which will give you the great spa ...

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We have a Leisure Bay Spa. It's either a Smart S-3 or Genius Series. We bought it from a friend. I went to test the water and it was only 94 degrees. It was set on Economy. I can't get it to go back to Standard. Also, the Pumps won't go on. The circulation pump is working and the heater is too I think. The light on the heater is yellow, not red?

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Spa Guts may have some direct replacement Leisure Bay Spa Parts, and replacement parts for retrofitting. Leisure Bay spa shells and frames routinely last 30-40 years, but the moving parts behind the access panel door seldom run more than 10 years.

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2017-18 Swim Spa Manual. 2018 Swim Spa Manual. Through Feb 28th, 2018. Effective March 1st, 2018. 2018 Hot Tub Manual. Effective March 1st, 2018. 2019 Swim Spa Manual. Quick Reference Cards . ... Garden Leisure Support Site. Home. Warranty Information. Hot Tub Schematics. EU Documents. Contact Us

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Ice Cold Hot Tub Water. You’ve got no heat, no matter what. First, check your water level. Then, look for clogs in your circulation system, and wash or change your filter. While these may seem like mundane solutions, they’re also the quickest and least expensive, so always try them first.

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Whether you’ve got a plain Jane, an inflatable spa, or a hot tub that looks and sounds like you’re soaking in a night club, you’ll eventually experience electrical issues. The first sign of electrical problems is often the hot tub tripping the breaker. While it’s inconvenient when the GFCI trips, remember it’s there to protect you.

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Leisure Bay Spas Circuit Board, LB500S, S3, 53409 (SP) Leisure Bay Spas Circuit Board, model S3, Chip Number LB500SR1E. OEM Part Number 53409. Replacement part number is 4054349 or 54349. TO PLACE AN ORDER FOR THE REPLACEMENT CIRCUIT BOARD, PLEASE ... More. View Product: Leisure Bay: N/A OBSOLETE

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The Apollo 11 Digital Controller connects with 120V-240V 3 wire and 240V 4 wire spas. Easy to install, and the lowest priced spa control system.

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Signature Spas USA are manufactured exclusively in the United States, with top-of-the-line, industry-standard components and parts. We also offer a large selection of spa replacement cover models and colors! More About Us

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About Us. Leisure Bay Spas are one of the best hot tubs you will find in the market. We are giving you an overview of different aspects of these products. If you are interested in buying a spa, please read all info we have before you purchase it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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Find your Leisure Bay Hot Tubs Filter easily by size or part number. Shop Clarathon Premium Spa Filters - Quantity Discounts available - Stock up & Save!

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Replacement Filters for Leisure Bay Spas. 50 Sq. Ft. Leisure Bay Spa Filter Without 24 Hour Circulation Pump - Model # PRB50-IN - Also Compatible with: 03FIL1600, 17-2380, RTL-50, C-4950, FC-2390 Dimensions: Diameter 5", Length 13 5/16", Hole 2 1/8" 25 Sq. Ft. Leisure Bay Spa Filter w/ 24 Hour Circulation Pump Model # PRB25-IN - Also Compatible with: 17-2327, C-4326, FC-2375

Is there a reset button somewhere around heater, or motor ...

POOLPURE NSF-50 Certified Watkins 31489 Replacement Hot Spring Spa Filter, Compatible Pleatco PWK30, Unicel C-6430, Filbur FC-3915, P/N0969601, 71825, 73178, 73250, 30 sq. ft. Hot Tub Filter, 1 Pack 4.8 out of 5 stars 131

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A spa or hot tub provides a form of personal relaxation known as hydrotherapy. The spa's pump and heater provide a soothing environment by circulating water through jets and increasing it to the bather's desired temperature. A spa heater may need to be reset if it has tripped or stopped working.

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Hudson Bay Spas are engineered to provide the power and performance of a 220V spa, the convenience and reduced installation costs of a plug-in spa, all at an affordable price without sacrificing any of the amenities.

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This Hudson Bay Spa from Home & Garden Spas offers an affordable high-end spa solution for the masses. The beautifully constructed hot tub comes equipped with 14 powerful jets and an energy efficient motor to provide you with a high quality therapeutic massage without consuming immense amounts of energy.

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Balboa Common Spa Topside Panel Messages. Here are the common spa topside panel messages that you will encounter with your spa panel. The spa topside panel messages include common diagnostic messages, operational messages, and various other messages such as reminders.

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Hot tub and spa parts at discount prices. Hot Tub Outpost offers a huge selection of spa jets, heaters, pumps, pillows, spa controls, blowers, ozonators, covers and hot tub accessories. Largest selection of spa parts online. Free shipping over $95 in the continental USA.

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I have a 2-3 person leisure bay spa. It has 2 seats and a lounge. After spending 45 minutes on the internet, I am still in the dark. Does anyone have a link or an answer as to how many gallons of water this spa holds? I'd really like to be sure of the chemicals I am adding to it for the first time! Thanks for your help!!!!!

Smart S3 Leisure Bay Spa Manual

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Smart S3 Leisure Bay Spa Manual